New examination regulations for the M.Sc. Economics

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we have great news to announce. After a successful evaluation process of the M.Sc. Economics programme and the energetic commitment of Martin Kulanek (Head of the Student Council 2015) and Daniel Meyer (Head of the Student Council 2014) who are both in the fifth semester of the M.Sc. Economics, we are happy to say that our criticism and proposals have made an impact and ended up in a full revision of the examination regulations.

It has to be said that the economics department and the programme management of our faculty also committed itself to this revision and we are grateful that we had a common goal for the whole time.

One of our biggest issues with the programme was the large „Core and Advanced Section“ of 48 ECTS without any freedom of choice and the rather small „Specialization Section“ of 36 ECTS.

This has been revisited and changed.

The new examination regulations which will hopefully come into force next winter term, contain a „Core and Advanced Section“ of 30 ECTS and an additional 18 ECTS in the „Specialization Section“ which can be chosen freely between all subjects of the specialization opportunities.Those will be accumulated in the new 3rd specialisation field „Selected issues in Economics“.

The exact examination regulations will be published after some further votes in committees of the university and consultation with the KLIPS-programmers.

Everybody who is currently studying the programme has the opportunity to switch into the new examination regulations and all ECTS you made additionally to the new 30 ECTS in the core section will be added to the „Selected Issues“-field. Therefore, you do not lose any ECTS you already gathered. Nevertheless, you can stay in the old examination regulations if you want to and finish your studies. Both of these opportunities were ensured by your current Head of the Student Council Jakob Knautz and former Head of the Student Council and current student representative in the closer faculty committee Niklas Schröder.

These changes will be presented in a more detail on Friday, 2nd february before the field presentations start ( We highly recommend you to attend at this event and consult, for further information the wiso student service.

Furthermore, you can write us an email, but please keep in mind that we are not the right contact to require valid information and for the time being, none of the parties can be 100% sure whether these changes will come into force, even if it is highly likely.


Your Student Council

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